Exclusive FOTM Survival pack


In celebration of the highly anticipated release of Doughbeezy’s “Footprints On The Moon” mixtape, a limited edition fan appreciation package will also be shipped off on the same day.

The Survival pack is concise but complete with the necessities that a true fan will appreciate.

“I didn’t want this to be just another regular release, I really want to show my fans how much I appreciate them” Dough said during the creation process.

Your FOTM Survival pack checklist:

  • Footprints On The Moon jersey shirt with front logo detail, HW insignia stamp and base trims. The back of the shirt has printed nameplate and team number. Sleeve detail with team number.
  • Footprints On The Moon logo beanie in black, with embroidered FOTM logo detail on the front and embroidered Doughbeezy logo on the back.
  • Footprints On The Moon limited edition autographed poster.
  • Exclusive hard copy of the Footprints On The Moon mixtape.

Each Survival pack is guaranteed to arrive fresh, assembled and stored in a special box.

Should you choose to accept this mission, you must make your purchase by February 4th, 2014 at midnight CST.

There will only be 100 packages made.

This special release is a one time offer, never to be reprinted in this color way

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