The 2011 Houston Underground Rap Awards

The 2011 Houston Underground Rap Awards

Awards won:

​The “Man, That Guy Got Really Popular, Really Quickly” Award

Doughbeezy exploded into prominence this year. He’s twice won the monthly Best Rappers in Texas competition, recorded with a handful of prominent Houston Names, crushed countless impromptu appearances and had his hair cut 600 times.

If his diligence for showing up to events is repaid at his album release party, there will be 147,000 people in attendance. For certain, the guy shows up to everything. We heard he performed at the Holocaust Museum last week.

The “Yeah, They Pretty Much Got That One Exactly Right (Best Collaboration)” Award: Dante Higgins and Doughbeezy on “H.A.M.”

This was an instance where two rappers with distinct skill sets joined forces on a beat constructed to champion exactly what it is that they’re good at, which is essentially the point of doing a collaboration.

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